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The Porch Goes Red

I told you way back when we talked about the back porch that I wouldn’t bring up the subject again until late June.  Well, I made it all the way into July!  The porch is one of my favorite rooms, so if you don’t mind, can we talk about it again today?

It used to be that I would redecorate quite frequently…repaint, rewallpaper, make new drapes, etc., but that got to be time consuming and expensive.  It really seemed to be that it was a seasonal thing…what worked in the spring and summer felt too cool for the winter, and what worked in the winter was too warm for the summer.  Does that happen with your house?

Now in my old age wisdom, I have found that if I just change out some accessories – namely pillows, books, plants – I can achieve a new look for the season and still maintain sanity and a budget.

So here is what I do on the porch…

I use yellow accents from the middle of February until late June.  Then I change the pillows to red right before the 4th of July.  It stays with the red accents through the rest of summer, through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (works wonderfully for it), and Valentines’ Day.  Then I am ready for spring right after that, and out comes the yellow again.  Much better than reupholstering things (like I have been known to do in the past.)

That tilted lampshade is bugging me…oh well.  All of my ferns got moved out to a shady spot on the deck, and in came red geraniums for awhile.  They have to be rotated out to have a turn in the sunlight.

I ended up painting the desk chair and the small child’s chair black and brought out another little black wicker table I had.  It just felt too bland with all of the furniture the same color.  So the black adds some contrast – and it will work no matter what color accents are used out there.

My pillows are not $200 expensive designer ones.  Several of these came from Target, and the most expensive ones (those with the jute braid trim) came from Pottery Barn.

I also wanted to show you the table setting for a dinner on the porch…

I love daisies, and the summer tomatoes are just too beautiful to not use for some kind of table decor.  Don’t you agree?

And they even worked with all the red accents on the porch. (ha ha) Seeing all of them now makes me want to fix a salad.  How about you? Maybe a Caprese with some fresh basil and mozzarella… yum.

Alright, that is all I’m going to say about the porch again (for awhile). 🙂

One last thing – not porch related – the very thoughtful Susan at A Vintage Farmwife has nominated me for a Liebster Award, an award for an “up and coming” blog with less than 200 followers.

Wasn’t that sweet of her?  She is the wife of a farmer on the Illinois prarie and writes wonderfully about her life there.  (They badly need rain right now, so any prayers you can send up for them I know will be appreciated.)

The award requires several tech-y things which I am not very good at (took me 10 minutes to figure out how to be a Linky follower on her blog!)  Anyway, I’m not sure I can do all the tech-y stuff, but I can do the required list of 5 random facts about me.  So here goes:

1.  Shrimp used to be my all time favorite food but after I turned 50 (gulp) I became deathly allergic to shellfish.  Not good.

2.  I am a horrid back seat driver, and it makes my husband crazy (especially in Atlanta traffic.)

3.  I was the chin-up champ in elementary school.

4.  One day I want to own a Volkswagen Beetle convertible – preferably red with a tan top (waiting until I no longer have teenage drivers in the house.)

5.  I do calligraphy and hand lettered wedding invitations…even taught calligraphy to children for several summer classes.

I am supposed to present the award on to 5 others, but I don’t really know what blogs are new with less than 200 followers – especially when the follower numbers are not shown on the blog (like mine).  So I am presenting it to one blogger who has the required “cute, endearing, and sweetest” blog – Lindsay at Life of Splendor. (She may have thousands of followers, and I just don’t know it.)  Lindsay just finished her first year of teaching and writes about her life in South Carolina (a Southern girl too!).  She is currently doing a little series on party planning that I know you would enjoy reading.

So hop over to Susan’s to read about farm life, and then go over to Lindsay’s to learn about hosting a lovely party. 🙂

And when you do, please tell them both I said “Hello!”

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Jeannette Pillinger - January 18, 2013 - 10:33 am

It’s not just a house It’s a really lovely home what I would’nt give for a home like this.
Jeannette – Thank you for the very sweet compliment about the house! I am so glad you like it.
And thank you for visiting the blog. I appreciate you for taking the time to read AND leave your kind words.

Kelly’s Merry Christmas Kitchen - December 19, 2012 - 7:52 am

[…] it opens onto a wonderful screened-in porch, so it’s great for […]

Misti @ Living on Cypress Hill - July 25, 2012 - 1:44 pm

I love this porch! I am working on changing mine up. Mine is a wrap around, but I want to screen in the back and make it more livable since it faces the evening sun. I also love how wide yours is, too. That’s a whole other room!
Misti – Thanks for reading more posts here! Our porch is like having a whole different living room. Unfortunately, it’s been 100 degrees here today – too hot to even think about going out there. A wrap around porch would be wonderful!

Susan - July 12, 2012 - 5:37 pm

Hello, Kelly! Thanks so much for your kind words and the shout out-you are a sweetie. Finally got our computer back today, so hope to get caught up with my blogs soon. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE your porch and your idea of changing things twice a year is a good one. One of my friends just got a white VW convertible and it is just adorable. I saw a pink one today being pulled by a vintage trailer-talk about sweet! Have a great evening, you super-talented person!
Hi Susan! You are quite welcome for the shout-out. This post got put on Julia’s (from Hooked on Houses) Facebook page, so I hope some readers from there made their way over to your site. So glad your computer is back in business. I really need to do some backing up of my photographs. I’m happy you like the porch. Thank you for the sweet words! I like the white convertibles too, and I test drove a black one. I bet the pink one with the vintage trailer was precious! You have a great evening too – catch up on all your blogs. 🙂

jinnea - July 11, 2012 - 10:28 am

LOVE the relaxing and beautiful.I have a porch too but mine is not screened in..I am hoping that will be a project in the near future. I do my best thinking “sittin” on the porch but the temps in Miss. have been so hot lately.. thanks for letting us visit you and making me late for work every day..
Thank you Jinnea! I hope you get yours screened in soon. It really helps here since I seem to be a mosquito magnet. That is too funny about blog reading making you late for work! I seem to have the same problem too. Luckily, I am only 3 minutes away from my job. I’m happy you visited me today (hope you weren’t too late for work. 🙂

Michele - July 9, 2012 - 4:29 pm

Kelly – what a gorgeous porch! I officially have porch decor envy…

We are almost done having our 16×20 screened porch built, and I would love to know what the measurements of your porch are. I have plans for a dining area and a seating area like yours, but I’m wondering if our porches are similar dimensions. Sure looks like it. It would help me greatly to know as I’m picking out furnishings!

One more question – I notice you have trees outside of your porch – do you have problems with pollen in early spring? We have cedars that produce HUGE amounts of pollen starting in March, and I’m a little panicked about how that will affect our porch and the length of use in good weather.

I’m bookmarking this page – thanks for the peek inside your beautiful space!
Michele – I am happy you like the porch! I don’t know the dimensions of ours, and I am out of town, BUT when I return I will measure it for you and let you know. Yes, we do have trees outside the porch and yes we do have pollen problems – but not from those hollies. Our pine trees are killers with their pollen for one month in the spring. I wish we could just wrap the whole room in plastic from the middle of March to the middle of April. I just let it rain down for those few weeks (and not invite anyone out there during that time.) Then when it has finished, I vacuum every single wall, cushion, rug, floor, and screen with my Dyson vacuum cleaner, wipe everything down with a Mr. Clean and water mixture, and take the wicker out in the yard to hose down. Then it is good to go! That is our true spring cleaning!! The rest of the year, I just do a normal vacuum and dust once every week or so – like any other room in the house.


Stacey in Michigan - July 9, 2012 - 4:02 pm

Stumble upon you from “Hooked on Houses”…You have a lovely blog!
“One day I want to own a Volkswagen Beetle convertible – preferably red with a tan top (waiting until I no longer have teenage drivers in the house.)”
I cannot believe I just read that. People think I’m weird when I say a VW bug is my “dream” car…. and I am also waiting til the kids are older. I have three sons, two of which are already of driving age. I tried to convince them to get a bug for their first car but neither agreed, telling me that it is a “chick” car! Well some day, I will be driving that “chick” car and I hope you will be also!
Stacey – Thank you for the compliment on my blog. I am so glad Julia hooked us up!! That is so funny about the vw. I tried to get my boys to get one too, and they gave the exact same excuse. My daughter would love one, but so far she doesn’t even have a car at all poor thing…and even when we get her one it won’t be a convertible. Hope we pass on the road in our little bugs! Please come back to visit here again.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses - July 9, 2012 - 3:54 pm

I love your porch and those pops of red are so cheery! I’m linking to this on my FB page right now… 🙂
Julia – I am so glad you liked my porch! The red is by far my favorite. I can’t thank you enough for posting this on facebook….oh my gosh at the readers and comments I have had this afternoon! You’re an angel!!

Lyss - July 8, 2012 - 10:35 pm

Oh my love it all! How did you start doing calligraphy? It is something I have grown to love and have thought about doing while I am staying home with my kiddos!
I love the color of your cabinet….I have wanted to paint my coffee table and side table for awhile, but not sure where to start, did you paint that yourself?
Love all your pics as always!! Gorgeous, I am a red girl!!
You are so sweet Lyss! I started calligraphy over 20 years ago just because I liked to doodle and do fancy writing. It would be a good thing to do while you stay at home with your kids. You can do just a little at a time and put it down so that works well with having children.
Glad you like the color. I did do the painting…we are major do-it-yourselfers here…if it has to be hired out, it doesn’t get done.
Thank you for all your sweet compliments! I am a red girl too…sometimes I have to stop myself from doing too much of it!

kim porter - July 6, 2012 - 10:55 pm

How energetic to wallpaper and paint a room often! I still haven’t painted our kitchen and we’ve lived here twenty years! ha,ha, it takes time, right? to pick out that perfect color…
Your porch is so charming, it really makes me think of getting out of my rut and buying…pillows!!!
20 years? Kim your kitchen must have already been the perfect color when you moved in! Thank you for the compliment on my porch. Yep, go buy some new pillows today. Target just keeps putting new ones out, so have your pick! I bought one last week that I looooooove for my bedroom, but I need one more and they did not have any more of it. Checked the next closest one (30 miles away), and they were sold out too. Gonna have to broaden my search (and they don’t have it online either…boo hoo.) Thanks for jumping in the conversation.

Cathy Norrie - July 6, 2012 - 4:07 pm

Hi Kelly

I just discovered your blog (from Melissa at Inspired Room) and I love it! I love your porch and wish that mine was big enough to make into another room… it is a wrap around but only 6 wide and is not enclosed. Oh well, I guess I can dream and live vicariously through you 🙂 When my husband Bill and I are back on land (we are in the midst of a circumnavigation in our beautiful Terrwyn sailboat) for a few months each year I just love doing bits and pieces to our little old (101 years old) house and garden.
Thanks for your inspiration and letting me share the joy!

Your new blog friend
Cathy, welcome! I’m so very glad you found me. How cool that you and your husband get to do sailing! I will have to dream and live vicariously through YOU dear. I have been on tiny sailboats in lakes and have taken a college class on sailing 3 decades ago, but that is all I know about it (other than hanging black and white photos of vintage wooden sailboats in my house – don’t guess that really counts though.) A 101 year old house sounds very interesting too…lots of possibilities there I’m sure. Thank you for your kind comments, and please come back to visit again!


Judy - July 6, 2012 - 8:28 am

Darlin’ you can talk about that gorgeous porch anytime you feel like it…it’s probably the prettiest porch I’ve ever seen.

I used to be a seasonal/serial decorator but find as I get older I don’t have the energy I used to have. Plus, with the discovery of blogs and Pinterest I spend way too much time looking at others homes and dreaming about what I want to do.

I listed my den sofa for sale this week so once that’s outta here I’m heading to Ikea (Atlanta)to get my white slipcovered one…can’t wait! Hubby wants me to go ahead and get it but I really don’t have anywhere in the house the old one can go until it sells so I’ve decided to wait.

So sorry to hear about your reaction with the shrimp….I’d hate that b/c I love me some shrimp.
Judy, you are too sweet!! And you are right about blogs and pinterest taking away our real decorating time. Good luck with the sale of your sofa – hope it is a quick sale. I am surprised that the closest Ikea to you is Atlanta…thought there would be one in Birmingham. Man I miss my broiled shrimp with melted butter…boohoo. Hope you have a good weekend.

aimee {sixteen fourteen} - July 6, 2012 - 7:32 am

A two-time Liebster award winner! Congratulations! I absolutely LOVE your porch, it’s gorgeous and looks so “finished”/decorated. 🙂
Aimee – Yes, a two-time award winner! I am a very lucky girl. I’m so happy you like my porch, but I am waiting for the big reveal on yours. Your new rug for the space is beautiful! Maybe I should get one like that for mine. ): Glad you added to the conversation here today!

marie - July 6, 2012 - 7:09 am

i can see why the porch is one of your favorite rooms! it’s gorgeous!!
Marie – You’re too sweet! Glad you like the porch.

the farmer's wife - July 6, 2012 - 12:00 am

I have the same problem at my house. I have a “fall house”. It is perfect in autumn and rolls smoothly through winter. Spring and summer beg for cooler colors and less heft than I can do. I have a hard time settling in for those off-seasons. You’re smart to change some pillows and smaller decor. So much more frugal than new wall paper 🙂
Julianna – Isn’t it strange how homes have a “season” – like yours is a fall house. I know exactly what you mean. I think ours is a fall and winter house, although when it was all painted white inside, it was definitely a summer house. New wallpaper all the time is A LOT of work (I’ve used to do that a bunch unfortunately.) So glad you stopped in to read and jump in the conversation today!

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