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Talk of the Weekend #6

Talk of the Weekend at Talk of the House

Happy Weekend!  I am especially happy that it is the weekend because our fall break has officially begun. Hallelujah!  And the weatherman predicts a change here with a high in the 60’s for Saturday and a low in the 40’s for us on Sunday morning.  Finally fall! (40’s are the beginning of being cold to me here in the deep South. 🙂 ) Bring on the sweaters, blankets, fireplaces, football, hot apple cider, county fairs, and pumpkins.  I’m ready. So with that in mind let’s get started with some random ramblings today beginning with….

A fall picnic you can read about here.

fall picnic dessert toppings in mufin

Jenny and several other readers asked about one of my candles on the porch. That candle is from the Park Hill Collection, (The link goes to their blog with a post for a pumpkin pie recipe.) I bought it at a local shop, but I found an online source here. Mine is the Farmhouse scent, but it smells very Christmas-y to me (evergreen-like) so I am not sure why it is named Farmhouse.  I would love to try some of their other scents sometime (especially the seasonal ones.) And of course you have a wonderful vase when your candle is gone.

Park Hill

I was thrilled in my last post to see that so many of you are Mitford fans.  Here is a cute t-shirt you might want. 🙂

Mitford tee

And while we are on the subject of Mitford, do you remember seeing Jan Karon’s big farmhouse in this post?  Did you know she recently sold it?  It is such a gorgeous place – so well restored.

Jan Karon

A year and a half ago we traveled to Palmetto Bluff, and I bombarded you with several posts on their stunning architecture.  Well I found my dream home (exterior at least) just recently.  Isn’t it beautiful?! I love that color, but I think what really makes the house is that door. Guess where it is located….You already know….Palmetto Bluff.

Palmetto Bluff

 I really loved it with the board and batten exterior and metal roof, and of couse I wanted to see more of it.  So I did a little more research, and voila!  I found out it is for sale (not that we can buy it or anything like that.)  You can see the floor plan and a few other photos here. (It is much bigger than I thought it would be.)

Speaking of floorplans…Do you remember the post here on the talented James Farmer? He has sold his former home here and is building a new one that he is calling Farmdale.  You can read all about the construction of it starting with this post on his blog.  I believe he is building the Capeside Cottage plan from Coastal Living magazine.  Check out his post and the houseplan, and see if you agree with me. (He has enclosed that covered front porch part I think.)

Capeside Cottage from Coastal

Back in September I shared with you that I seem to fall in love with lake houses in autumn.  I saw one this week (appropriately named Duck Camp) that truly gives new meaning to the term lake house – with the emphasis on the word lake here.  (Be sure to click the link below the photo to see its rustic interiors.)

Duck Camp

More randomness…

You know I am not much for liking gray rooms, (I thrive on color) but as a math teacher, I thought this paint trend prediction for 2014 was kind of funny. 🙂

Math and paint Sherwin

Math is the new sexy?  Too funny. 🙂

A couple of years ago I shared a chili bar dinner party with you that we hosted on our back porch. Here is another one…this one from Bloom Design.  The whole party is beautiful.  The chili and baked potatoes look yummy.  But it was the dessert bar that had my mouth watering! (Of course. 🙁 )  You need to check out the entire post.  (It was even featured on Pottery Barn’s blog.)

Chili under the

Are any of you going to the movies this weekend?  I can’t tell if I want to see this movie.  I don’t usually like movies that are tense (give me a comedy any day) and this one will most certainly be tense.

And finally, I have a sort-of mystery I wish one of you would solve for me.

I found this image on Pinterest a year ago (I think.)  I have tried for hours to find the source of it…no luck.  I can’t even find it on the blog it came from, ( and even if I find it there, I don’t think the source is listed….and it is in a foreign language…and I cannot find a search box to help 🙁  So if anyone knows the post, the architect, the location of the house, or anything, I would love it if you would share your knowledge. 🙂 I think it is an amazing little lake house.

lake houseI hope your weekend is amazing. 🙂

Talk of the House this weekendUntil next time…

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Jean - October 3, 2015 - 12:24 pm

I too searched for more info on the Lake House, Upstate Lake House – New York and kept finding the same images. I did find the best images on the architect’s site,
Yes, that does seem to be the only source of them. Someone somewhere said it is a rental, but I think if that were the case, we would be able to find more photos of it. So I don’t think that is right. Thanks for looking Jean!

Andrea - August 21, 2015 - 11:48 am

love this lake house and have been searching for it! Have you found out where it is? Thank you!

Ralph Kelly - July 6, 2015 - 9:19 pm

Well I finished reading everything…but my adventure in finding the architect of your cabin was interesting and fun…next is to build one of their cabins..they do good work!RDK

Robbi - February 26, 2015 - 3:23 pm

I found the lakehouse you were searching for. It is part of a group of cottages that you can rent in Upstate New York. Here is a link to the architects website….

I also fell in love with this cottage and was determined to find it!
Love your blog!
Thanks Robbi! George (2 comments before yours) had told us about the architect, but I had no idea it was rental. Wow!! What a wonderful place to stay.

Kim - February 26, 2015 - 12:38 pm

If you find that lake house please email me where it is located….that is just to cool!!
Much appreciated,
Kim here is the link: It would be such a great place to stay!

George Black - February 17, 2015 - 5:29 pm
Oh my goodness!! Thank you so very much for the link George! You made my day!! 🙂

Kathy - October 13, 2014 - 7:05 pm

Kelly, you sure know how to pack a lot into a post! I have to click on every link…. And, then I have to read all of the comments from everyone and your responses. I am catching up on all of your posts. (I was in High Point last week refinishing furniture carts and cutting book letters.) Your chili bar and the Bloom Design post almost made me want to have a party. Then I smacked myself and said… we just got over a wedding! What am I thinking! You do inspire me, girlfriend!
Thanks for catching up on all the posts Kathy! Glad you enjoyed following all the links. What in the world are you doing with furniture carts? I laughed out loud at “smacking yourself.” You are right…hold off on the entertaining for quite a while since you just spent the last year planning a wedding! That should last you for some time. 🙂

Janet Magina - October 8, 2014 - 2:47 pm

Question re: Palmetto Bluff. Do you just wander freely around the neighborhoods? When we went last spring we happily wandered around the “for rent” cottages and chapel, but other streets had signs that said private or for residents only and of course being the rule follower that I am I turned away with a sad look on my housepeeping face 🙁 Also, is there a small downtown/village area in Bluffton? We found an area with a couple of local restaurants and ate lunch, but never saw any shops or anything. There has to be something charming in a place that would have Palmetto Bluff. Not sure when we will be back again, but I want to be better prepared next time. Love the blog, keep up the good work ( when you have time) !
When we were there we just wandered freely through the neighborhood, and we did not see any signs. We did go on only one side of the resort though (the side behind the shops and the chapel.) I don’t know about restrictions on the other side because we did not go over there. Check out this site for a list of some unique shops in Bluffton: And there is a big Tanger Outlet center down the road from it as well.
Thank you for the encouraging words about the blog Janet!

Carolyn - October 6, 2014 - 2:31 pm

Love that Capeside Cottage plan! And I agree it must be the plan that Farmer and his architects (the architects of the original one featured in the magazine) are tweaking. Will be fun to follow the construction of Farmdale. I prefer small cottages and am always glad to see them featured.
Isn’t that a great plan?! I prefer smaller cottages as well, and I know this one will be great! Makes me wish we were building again. 🙂

Susan M - October 5, 2014 - 1:06 pm

I really love these kind of posts Kelly… fun!! I had already ordered a candle from the Nest before you posted and they were fast delivery. I got the farmhouse scent because you had told me it was Christmasy in your reply and it does smell like a christmas tree…..I love it!! Your dream house is beautiful and would have been on my dream house list back a few years ago but we are empty nesters now ( pretty sure I am your age but I won’t say the number because I live in denial most of the time) and my dream house has changed from 2 story to ranch. I can already tell I want one floor for the second half of my century and a bit smaller than what we have now (2 story brick colonial)……but I am in love with the style of the house you pictured…lovely!! With the temps dropping here today, that chili party looks warm and inviting and I enjoyed looking back at the chili dinner you hosted too! Have a fabulous week Kelly and be sure to post your Halloween decor when you get it up….can’t wait to see it !!
So I am not crazy thinking it smells like Christmas then? Yay! I know a 2 story is not very practical as you age, but if we could do a 2 story with the master bedroom downstairs, I think that would be do-able. Then the upstairs would only be used for overnight company. That ought to work. 🙂

Jackie Caruso - October 5, 2014 - 11:33 am

What a fun post! I loved checking out the links and blogs you mentioned, even adding a few to my favorites. I can’t wait to see Gone Girl. My daughters and I are going to see it together. We’ve all read the book but are in the process of rereading it before we see the movie. Enjoy your fall break:)
Glad you liked all of the places to virtually visit Jackie. Let us know what you think of the movie – especially since you know how it ends in the book. I don’t usually like when they change the ending from the book (and I don’t know if they did that here or not.)

Paula B. - October 5, 2014 - 8:57 am

Hi Kelly, it is good to be reunited with your blog and catching up with all you’ve been posting. I showed my Mitford loving friend your latest post on that topic (she loved it) and I see the cute shirt here, maybe I will get it for her for Christmas. Hope you enjoy your break, I know teachers here are looking forward to the Columbus Day (long) weekend which is fast approaching. We are getting our share of dreary days and needed rain, but it is too soon to lose those summer-like days and possible trips to the beach. I am finally home from my hospital/rehab stay post knee replacement surgery. Looking forward to my first night at home and reading all my favorite blog posts.
Thanks for sharing the blog love Paula! Glad you made it through the surgery, and I hope all went as it was supposed to. Take it easy (or do they make you get up and walk on it these days?) I hope you find time for reading while you are recuperating.

Kim @ Vintage Pretties - October 4, 2014 - 11:21 pm

I’m dying to see Gone Girl! I just need a babysitter so that my husband & I can go on a movie date. I love the chili & s’mores party that you shared. I could read about creative parties all day.
Kim I have read that Gone Girl is supposed to be the “best date movie” out there now. I hope you find a babysitter and can go see it. Like you, I could look at creative parties for quite a while. So many good ideas to steal!

Garden, Home and Party - October 4, 2014 - 9:58 pm

Hi Kelly,
I’ve noted the site for the candles. I love the way they look and I especially like that once the candle is spent, you get a vase out of the deal.
The Palmetto Bluff house is pretty but to be honest I like your house better. It has such a welcoming exterior and the inside of your house is wonderful.
I can hardly wait to go check out the latest on James Farmer. I totally enjoyed the post you did on him and it will be fun to see what he’s building.
I also want to check out the backyard chili feast.
Great post. Enjoy your time off, lucky you to be catching some honest fall like weather.
Thank you Karen. I was hoping that Palmetto Bluff house would be much smaller, but boy was I wrong. I think I could still find a small 2 story plan and make the front elevation look like that (if we ever build again.) But I do know that as we get older, a 2 story is not really a good option. I can’t wait to see James Farmer’s finished house too. It will be beautiful for sure.
Hope your weekend was a good one.

Katrina - October 4, 2014 - 9:51 pm

I LOVED this post! I am still laughing at Barbara’s “I’m sunk…” comment! I know exactly how she feels! Wow..that bloom design fall dinner looked incredible. I have 300 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes I have to put together so I have invited some couples over for a “beer, box, and baked potato party” to help me knock them out. My dinner will not be near that involved but it sure gave me some good ideas.
Gone Girl..oh my!! Saw it last night. I liked it and so did my husband but it wore me out! Without giving away anything, just remember to hide your eyes when the girl goes to bed with Neil Patrick Harris (and it is not because of the sex part) And remember there is a reason it is rated R…ha ha!!!
What a great way to get all of that work done! Glad you could get some ideas from the post. You like mysteries Katrina, so you probably did like Gone Girl. I am still not sure if I can handle it. I think I have only seen one other R rated movie in my entire life. (Yes, a very sheltered life here! 🙂 )

Kim - October 4, 2014 - 9:16 pm

Yes, same weather here this weekend, but I am afraid it is very short lived. Back in the 80’s next week. Poo!! Got to go back and check out these houses you shared.
Yes, back in the 80’s here. You know we can’t keep fall weather around very long. I will enjoy it while I can, because it disappears so quickly here.

Barbara (WA) - October 4, 2014 - 8:56 pm

Math is the new sexy? Well, I’m sunk because I cannot do math in my head at all nor am I good at math (which kept me from being an excellent musician, actually, since they are so related). I did have a very compassionate Geometry teacher in high school who felt for me and tried her best! That lake house reminded me of a spit here on the island that has houses all the way to the point.
Sorry you are sunk, Barbara. 🙁 (But I really don’t think there is anything sexy about math.) I bet the lake area you are describing is so pretty. (I cannot resist lake houses lately, in case you haven’t noticed. 🙂 )

Martha - October 4, 2014 - 8:26 pm

Kelly, I love color too and I am tired of neutral or gray color schemes that seem to dominate design now. But if gray is the new black and math is the new sexy…then what do I know?

I LOVE the house at Palmetto Bluff! It is beautiful…love the shutters instead of curtains. The screened porch is lovely. I thought the vault in the closet was a hoot….although I could hide candy from my husband in it. The only thing I didn’t really care for was the laundry room right off the front door. I may be looking at the floor plan wrong,but don’t you think that is an odd placement?

I will have to try the Park Hill candles. I really love a good smelling candle and find the soy base ones burn the cleanest.

This weekend in NC really is beautiful, we have worked in our yard all day. We are going to our daughter’s after church tomorrow and will enjoy another gorgeous day with our grandchildren. Hope the rest of your weekend is great too!
I just shook my head when I read math is the new sexy. Not sure I agree with that.:) Hiding candy from your husband…now that was funny! Would you believe the laundry room right by the front door was the first thing I noticed on that plan?! It’s very unusual. I bet NC was absolutely perfect this weekend since Georgia was gorgeous.

Cheri - October 4, 2014 - 5:17 pm

This weather is amazing…I am loving the cooler temps. for sure being a northern gal and all. If you go and see Gone Girl, let us know what you thought. I want to see that one and the Left Behind movie, I read all the books. Most interesting.

Have a great weekend.

This weather has been beautiful, but it isn’t going to last here in Georgia. 80’s are back in the forecast. 🙁 I am still not sure about the movie. The reviews are great, but I am afraid it is too intense for me. (Yes, I am a wimp.)

Sue - October 4, 2014 - 4:17 pm

Lovely fall post Kelly. So glad to see the online link for the candles. I buy mine at a local shop too and LOVE them. My favorite so far is pecan pie, but also the the pumpkin and Gladys kitchen. I have their peppermint for Christmas but haven’t burned it yet. I hope you have a relaxing fall break.
You have quite a collection of them, Sue! I bet the pumpkin one smells delicious.

Gracia @ Gracious Offering - October 4, 2014 - 3:52 pm

Kelly, so wonderful to find this post in my inbox this morning! Love, love, love the Caramel apple bar at the fall picnic and the Chli bar…the wheels are turning in my mind! And…I sell those Park Hill candles in my shop! I like and have sold the Glady’s Kitchen, Caramel Apple, and Sweet Tea scents. Just ordered the Holiday Gatherings…hope it smells wonderful too. The lake house is so rustic and charming…love that too. Thanks for all the fun links today! Warmly, Gracia
Wasn’t that dessert bar at the picnic just wonderful?! And those are yummy candles you are selling (if a scent can be described as a taste. LOL) I would bet the Holiday Gatherings will be a perfect smell for the season. Those will go fast!

judy - October 4, 2014 - 3:08 pm

I’m sitting here sipping on my first cup of apple cider that I made this morning and making my chicken tortilla soup for later tonight. My husband put together our new fire pit that I would LOVE to use tonight while watching Auburn-LSU but my husband says he’s going to watch it inside on the big TV! I might have to sit outside by myself!

Isn’t this weather spectacular! We opened all our windows and I had to close a couple of them because I got too cold!

Happy Saturday and enjoy your fall break. Shannon and her crew left for a week at Disney World last Thursday for their fall break….gotta get those trips in before the baby gets here.
Judy, what a wonderful way to enjoy the first of fall weather. I jumped over to your site and saw your recipe for that delicious soup! Since I wasn’t in the mood to cook, I went to a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed their soup. 🙂 (I am sure it wasn’t as good as yours.) Hope you enjoyed your fire pit on that chilly evening.
Happy fall!

Dawn - October 4, 2014 - 11:44 am

Ok, Kelly,

I love how light hearted your post is today. It so perfect for a weekend. Thank you for all of the information, inspiration and eye candy. We are off to go “Jeeping” and just take in the beautiful sights and weather around here today. Then tonight we are going on a kid friendly hay ride. Tomorrow when have been invited to pre-opening of a new pizza parlor in small local town just a short distance away. All in all it the perfect Fall-ish weekend here. What other fragrances have you tried in those lovely candles?
Jeeping sounds like fun! It was a gorgeous weekend for being out and about, wasn’t it? Your weekend sounded fun fun fun! 🙂 The only other scent I have smelled in the candle is the sweet tea, but I can’t wait to check out their new scents for the upcoming holiday season.

S u b s c r i b e   b y   E m a i l