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Our Plank Walled Playroom for Big Kids

our playroom chalkboard After looking at all the cute playrooms for young children the other day, I thought you might like to see ours for the big kids here – but it’s not cute like those for little ones – although it does have a few little doses of whimsy. This room is definitely for grown up kids.  At one time it […]

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15 Elements of Farmhouse Style and the giveaway continues! Farmhouse Week Day 3 Welcome back for another day of Farmhouse Week (and the world’s longest post today!)  I know those were some mighty bold rooms we looked at yesterday on Day 2. Today we are going more towards a classic style – much more subdued – so you can take off your shades now.   I prefer rooms not quite as patterned and cluttered […]

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Looking for a Bathroom

Don’t you just love that title?  I thought it was a little better than “Pretty Potties.” :)  I guess you have figured out that today’s post is going to be about bathrooms. That is not our bathroom in the photo above.  Our master bathroom is “alright.”  It is not a large space (remember I call this […]

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