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Pretty Porches

from Southern Living

Maybe it is the Southerner in me, or the romantic in me, or maybe it is simply that I love to look at photos of rooms, but whatever it is, I really like porches.  And yes, I know I just showed you a ton of my porch redo pictures last week..but before I totally stray away from the topic I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite ones.  I promise I won’t bring up the topic again until….um…the end of June, perhaps?

Here is the opposite end of the Mississippi farmhouse porch featured above.  What a wonderful food prep area, and that table…gorgeous.

Southern Living

You already know that when we furnished the porch here for the first time, the house had dark gray shingles and looked to be straight out of New England.  All of the wicker here was originally white.  For a long time, the only wicker I liked was white.  With that in mind, here is a photograph of some pretty white wicker in a house done by Historical Concepts.

Historical Concepts’ porch – New Old House Winter, 2009

We moved in during the summer, so the white wicker was visually cooling in the heat of a Georgia July, but when fall rolled around, I wanted something with a little more warmth.  So since that time, I have gravitated to wicker that is darker in color.

 Historical Concepts – Coastal Living Idea House -Jan.-Feb., 2002

Most of my favorite porches (and rooms for that matter) are in homes designed by Historical Concepts.  The firm is located right outside of Atlanta. (I keep suggesting to our children to get an architecture degree and go to work for them…but of course they have other ideas. 🙂 )

This Historical Concepts’ porch was from the 2010 Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Georgia.

Historical Concepts August 2010 Southern Living Idea House

They have also designed many fabulous coastal influenced homes.  Can you imagine sitting on this porch during a rainstorm?

Historical Concepts – Bluffton, SC – Southern Living April, 2010

Or how about relaxing on this swing?

Historical Concepts Palmetto Bluff – Southern Living April, 2010

These next two are not by the coast, but the owners wanted their home to reflect a nostalgic coastal New England influence (even though it is in Georgia.)  The first photograph is the front porch, and the other is the back.  I’d be quite happy with either one.

Historical Concepts Southern Living April 2008

The ceiling on this next screened porch is a style I wish we had done when we built our house.  Perhaps our next one can have this (or we can take down some sheetrock and expose the rafters here one day.)

Historical Concepts – Period Homes March 2008

Another Historical Concepts’ design is this side porch in the River Dunes development of Oriental, North Carolina.  Look at the height of that ceiling, and wouldn’t you enjoy your morning coffee more while sitting out there on that porch?  I probably would never leave for work.

Historical Concepts – Coastal Living November 2007

This next photograph is of one of my all time favorites.  You have probably noticed that there aren’t any light gray or mostly white rooms in this assortment of porches – with the one exception of the white wicker one (try saying that 3 times fast!).  I think the current trend in colors is pretty, but it seems awfully restrictive to me. There are just so many beautiful color combinations out there.  Why limit yourself to white or gray?  I like color, and this porch shows it very well.

Historical Concepts – Town and Country Magazine  November 1999

Obviously this is from a quite old issue, and that is why there is so much color in that room.  But maybe the current trend is starting to lose a little of its appeal, and we will soon be back to the old days when color was in style  After all history, fashion, and design all repeat themselves after awhile.  Okay….enough preaching.

The final porch I want to share with you has been pinned on Pinterest over and over again, but it should be.  The house that it is in is a true work of art, and it is my all time forever and ever favorite home… – Daufuskie Island home

Perfection (except I don’t know how you swing that close to the window.)

I hope you enjoyed visiting these porches.  If you click on the photos, I have linked them to the articles from which they came.  The Historical Concepts site is wonderful and has many beautiful photographs of rooms for you to enjoy (besides the porches. 🙂 )

I’d love to hear about your favorite porches!

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Pam Wilson - May 10, 2012 - 10:40 pm

These are all so pretty. We added a wrap around porch to our house about 10 years ago. It is now my favorite part of the house. We also changed our floor to ceiling windows in the front (old house-big leaky problems) to double french doors. We live in the boonies so they are thrown open all the time!As for wicker, I now prefer brown. For some reason I really like hunter green cushions with brown.(That’s not what I have, though.) Not so in vogue now, but I love that campy look!
Oh Pam, double French doors would be pretty, but I would have a hard time giving up floor to ceiling windows (especially when you have a high ceiling!) I bet your wrap around porch is beautiful, and having the doors thrown open sounds fun. Our French doors stay open a lot, but they only open to the screened porch. Speaking of campy, when we lived in a rental, our living room furniture was the porch wicker painted hunter green, and the cushions were upholstered in red tartan plaid….very campy. Worked great for Christmas!

sixteen fourteen - May 10, 2012 - 7:52 pm

Wow, Kelly…where to begin? These are amazing porches! I LOVE the comfortable vibe of #8 (reminds me of my parents’ in South Carolina). I also adore the last one, but yeah…how does that swing work, exactly? 🙂

Aimee I think #8 is amazing too! The house it is from is so beautiful. If that porch is similar to your parents’, then they must have a pretty porch! Thanks for stopping by.

kim porter - May 9, 2012 - 11:31 pm

Oh, Kelly! I just love all of your porch pictures! The first two pictures I wish were in my house! The house we have now been in for 19 years has a lovely wrap-around porch that we just love, it is nowhere near as decorated up as these but I’m getting there, slowly! I think beautiful porches are probably more prevalent on your side of the country!
I would love a wrap around porch, Kim! You are lucky. I’m so glad you liked the porch pictures, and aren’t those first 2 wonderful? I think I could live in that porch and not even need the rest of the house. 🙂 You are right. We do seem to have quite a few porches here in the South – probably to shade us from the heat in the summer.

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