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2016 – A Year in Review

Welcome to 2017! Before jumping full steam into the new year, I thought it would be good to take a look back at 2016.  It was quite a year for our family…one I am sure we will not soon forget.  I knew the year was jam-packed, but I had no idea exactly how full it was until I started preparing this post! So grab a cup of coffee and a snack…this is a loooong post. 🙂

We started last January here on the blog with a look back at the previous year’s posts and then jumped into two posts on our trip to Chattanooga, Tennesee  – part 1 and part 2. These were the first of many travel posts in the year. (27!)


We decorated the house for winter


and the kitchen and dining room later in the month for Valentine’s Day.

My favorite post in January was the Favorite Things Birthday Party we hosted for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday.  This was such a special time for our family to share together and honor him, but it will also be treasured in my memory even more because he sadly passed from his earthly home to his Heavenly home last summer. I am so very thankful we did that party.


Then came February.  For the last few years I have had a goal of one organization project a month..but once again, I did not meet my goal. 🙁 (But I did manage to get a few projects done in 2016. 🙂 )  The first project was February’s post on organizing the dining room cabinets.


Then we looked at the gorgeous homes of handbag designer, Kay Stanley in two different posts. (home 1 home 2)


That was followed by more Valentine’s Day decorating and gift ideas from around the house, an overnight trip with my husband at The Retreat to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and a bowling birthday party was held for him.


A recipe and discussion of how to make a caramel cake was up next, and we attended an almost spring wedding late in the month.  My husband’s retirement from his engineering job was a major milestone for us in 2016, so my favorite February post was about the two retirement parties that honored him.


Then came March.  One more organization project (the pantry) was completed and checked off of my to-do list…


and we toured the homes of Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, another handbag designer.


Then all the spring decorating in our house commenced with 3 posts alone on decorating with green, (part 1, part 2, part 3 ) followed by my colorfully floral favorite ones for the Easter home tour. (part 1, part 2)


My husband and I did a good bit of traveling in the spring, and April’s posts reflected it…first to beautiful Gibbs Garden in North Georgia and then to Sylva and Waynesville, North Carolina.  We stayed at a wonderful cottage while in North Carolina, and I shared it with you in 2 posts (part 1, part 2.) Because Easter was in March, the 2 posts about April’s decorating reflected no holiday theme…very different for me! 🙂  We hosted a bumble bee party for my mother in March, but the post about it appeared on the blog in April – my favorite post for that month. 🙂


In May, my favorite post of the month (and possibly for the entire year) was the one I shared about celebrating our daughter’s graduation from college.


During that month, we also looked at another home tour here, cooked up some Blue Cheese potato chips, and toured a gorgeous beach house in Fernandina Beach, Florida when we made a quick trip there after the graduation party.


Travel continued throughout the summer which made my keeping up with the blog very difficult.  June and July each had 6 posts about our trips to Seattle …


 Bainbridge Island


Olympic National Park


and the Columbia River Gorge area.


Obviously, the beautiful natural landscape made up the bulk of my photography from these trips, but there was a “house” portion too (yay! 🙂 )…which made its way into 4 posts about the charming little town of Seabrook, Washington.


I’ve said that blogging was difficult for me during June and July because of all the traveling we did.  Well, we continued traveling in early August with a number of visits to towns in North Carolina.  I have not shared any of that on the blog yet, but hope to in the next month.  Our North Carolina travels were cut short in August because my father-in-law became critically ill, (after nearly 2 years of in and out of the hospital stays) went home from the hospital with Hospice care, and passed away near the end of that month.  The only post I wrote in August was a tribute to that wonderful man.


Blogging resumed in September with a few posts, one merely to try to catch up with all of you, and 2 about dining and shopping in Fernandina Beach, Florida.


Things finally got back to “normal” here in October. 🙂  I shared a trip to Oklahoma from back in the summer, the Southern Living Idea House we visited in Birmingham, and 3 posts with plans for a possible lake house for us (which is very much on hold since the lot we were interested in sold. 🙁 )  We visited Disney World while our daughter was working there and had a very fun time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. 🙂  I finished making new drapes for our master bedroom and shared the new look with you and decorated the house for Halloween (my favorite post of the month!)


A little more of our trip to Disney World made its way into the first two posts in November – the Contemporary Resort, where we stayed, and Disney Springs, where we shopped and dined (at one of my all time favorite restaurants ever!)  Near the end of the month, I pulled together all of the organization posts from the blog plus all the organization I had done during the year, and wrote one BIG storage and organization post to share with you. (So I organized the organization! 🙂 )


Prior to that post, we looked at all the Thanksgiving decorating in the house in 3 different posts.  (part 1, part 2, part 3)  Those were my favorite posts in November.


Then finally Christmas took over the blog in December with 3 posts on Mary Kay Andrews’ home all decked out for the season, (part 1, part 2, part 3) and one post on the Avondale Estates Christmas Home tour.  I drug you through our home here to see the Christmas decorating in our master bedroom, the hallway and bathrooms, our daughter’s bedroom, and our sons’ bedroom. And if that wasn’t enough, we also went all thru the rest of the house looking at more Christmas details and concluded the year with a post about being home for Christmas. (my favorite for the month.)


And that, dear readers, was a year in review!

And now for the numbers (for all you math folks out there like me. 🙂 )

The top 3 most read of the 2016 posts were…

#3 – The Spring Home Tour – part 1

#2 – Graduation: Jimmy Carter, Greg Allman, and The Party

and #1 – drum roll please.
A Favorite Things Sort of Surprise Birthday Party
which I think was very fitting for the year. 🙂 )

Thank you sooo very much for reading the posts here, and if you happened to see Talk of the House in any of these other places this year, I also thank you for reading there!

On Better Homes and Gardens website:



On the Whole Foods blog:


Over at The Kitchn website:


or on Country Living magazine’s website:


And I also thank those of you that happened to view my pins on Pinterest over 12 million times this year.


(And if you pinned from the posts here, I love you even more! 🙂 )

2016 was an intense filled-to-the-brim year – for which I am thankful – both for the happy blessings and for the sadness because we know we will see my father-in-law again in a much better place.  Who knows what 2017 will hold?  I am thinking this year will be less – less traveling, less entertaining, less demanding – which is quite alright with me.  Less in this case actually means more….more relaxed-at-home time, and that is a good thing. 🙂

So my wish for all of us in this new year is that we untie the ribbons of each day and slowly enjoy the gifts we have been given. 🙂

Happy New Year to all of you!

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Sylvia - January 25, 2017 - 9:58 am

I was reading the 2016 year in review and I love the Brownie recipe wall. Would you share the pie recipe at the bottom. Rich’s the wonderful old Atlanta department store served a chocolate chest pie that was wonderful, and I wondered if it was similar? I haven’t had one since.

Looking forward to 2017.


Rowana - January 15, 2017 - 9:08 am

Hi Kelly. Just stopped in to say Happy New Year! Loved your year in review btw : )
Thank you Rowana! Glad you could visit the blog today. Happy New Year to you as well! 🙂

Lanita Anderson - January 11, 2017 - 4:06 pm

I loved seeing your Year in Review… many great posts and great ideas! Looking forward to what you have in store for 2017. Blessings…..
Thank you Lanita! We are looking forward to a slower paced new year. 🙂
Blessings to you too!

Design Chic - January 11, 2017 - 10:45 am

We are big fans of your blog and love getting a peek inside your life and home…such a treat! Happy Wednesday, Kelly!
Thank you! I am a big fan of your beautiful piece of the web as well. 🙂 Hope your new year has started out wonderfully!

Debbie - January 10, 2017 - 7:31 pm

Thanks Kelly for again taking us on your fabulous trips and allowing us to share in your life events. Talk of the House is truly my Have a wonderful healthy and happy 2017. God bless
You are too sweet Debbie. Thank you for reading and leaving your very kind comments here. I hope your new year is off to a great start!

kay - January 10, 2017 - 8:58 am

I love the red snowflake mugs. where did you find them?
Hi Kay! I purchased those several years ago from a Hallmark shop.

Sylvia - January 8, 2017 - 1:32 pm

I love reading your blog and your decorating ideas. I am a new follower. My goal is to organize my home!!Reading the 2016 year end, I see I have missed a lot. Looking forward to 2017 and Untie the ribbons.
Welcome Sylvia! I am so glad you found the blog, and I hope it helps to provide inspiration for you. Good luck with all your organizing this year!

Leigh - January 8, 2017 - 3:22 am

Wonderful – a year filled with family, travel and home. I wish you a new year filled with many blessings and much joy. I look forward to reading of your adventures and enjoying your lovely home.
Thank you so much Leigh! I wish you a new year filled with adventure too!

Amanda - January 6, 2017 - 11:52 am

I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I truly enjoy your taste in decor and your organizational skills. Your posts on home tours and vacation spots are just icing on the cake. Looking forward to what you will share in the New Year!

Kristy - January 6, 2017 - 10:50 am

Thank you for continuing to blog and share your beautiful home, organizational skills. I get many ideas from you, that I hope to employ myself. I love many of the travel places you have written about, & have added some of them to my travel bucket list. Have a great year in 2017.

Paula - January 5, 2017 - 9:18 pm

I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog this past year. My goal this year is to get my home as organized as yours.

Ruth - January 5, 2017 - 9:16 pm

You are amazing! Cannot believe what 1 person accomplished in a year! Kelly, your posts were among the brightest, most beautiful spots in what often felt like a stressful, ugly year. Thank you for beaming that positivity into our lives, and may 2017 be filled with blessings for you and your family. - January 5, 2017 - 7:28 pm

Wow, Kelly, you have had a “big” year in mostly good ways and then some sad, as well. I have so enjoyed reading all of your posts and look forward to continuing the journey with you on future posts. Glad that you feel you will have more “home” time in the coming year for relaxing and enjoying. Blessings to you and your family in the New Year!

Jill - January 5, 2017 - 3:30 pm

Kelly, I must have missed the info of your dad dying in August late. My 90 year old mother also died August 28 🙁 We celebrated her birthday in March @ her favorite restaurant in their “banquet room” , even my sister n her husband from Seattle got to come! It was a wonderful evening. But she always did Christmas beautifully and she is missed so much by everyone now of course, everyone loved her. The worst part is cleaning out the house as it was in the family since 1921, yes she moved back in when her mother went into a nursing home. Neither threw anything away, so your organizing posts have been very helpful 🙂 Keep posting dear you may never know who might be needing you out here. love to you n yours & Happy New Year! always, Jill 🙂

Dawn - January 5, 2017 - 2:35 pm


I love the recap of the year. I like the idea of untying the ribbons of each day. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!


Donnamae - January 5, 2017 - 10:17 am

Ok then….that was fun! But I’m exhausted! You sure do pack a lot in a year…good for you! Hope 2017 will be a great year for us all! 😉

Frances in England - January 5, 2017 - 8:37 am

Gosh you manage to pack a lot into a year! 🙂 I always really enjoy your posts, so thank you. Happy 2017 and savour those ribbons!

Sherry - January 4, 2017 - 9:26 pm

This is a lovely post. Though your year was eventful with many milestones and emotions, I appreciate your kindness by including us. I know, at times, that could not have been easy. Thank you. Speaking from experience, when life is so packed, it seems to pass even more quickly. I am glad to hear that things will slow down a little for you to savor and enjoy the moments. Congratulations on the magazine and webpage mentions. When I saw a couple of them, I thought, “Way to go, Kelly!” Beautiful. Inspiring. You deserve notoriety for your hard work. I love that I feel so at home reading your blog. It still highlights my day when you post. Happy 2017!

Lizbeth - January 4, 2017 - 9:16 pm

Kelly: It was your red buffalo checks that got me! I was hooked. Then I followed the lake house plans. We have a wilderness lake house where I keep my heart and maintain my sanity. But what really did it was the home tour in Avondale. I happened to mention it to my husband, as he had lived in Atlanta when he was in elementary school and alas, he lived in Avondale. Your blog is wonderful. I admire your thoughtful, articulate posts and the elegant simplicity of your home. Looking forward to visiting more often in 2017. Thank you.

Renee Cook - January 4, 2017 - 7:58 pm

Yes, there is something wonderful about being able to slow down. I hope you enjoy every minute! Thank you for all of your hard work, inspiration and good information. We appreciate all you share with us. May the Lord bless you in 2017 and make it your happiest year yet!

Lorraine Beattie - January 4, 2017 - 7:50 pm

Hi… Kelly you make me want to get to bed early and then get up earlier so I can start to get as organized as you are. This is just what I needed to see how to get so tidy and put things in order. Tomorrow I asked my husband to go to Canadian Tire and get me some red more tubs so I can put my Christmas things in order as I also love to Christmas decorate my home as well as our church. So Thank You Kelly.

Nan, Odessa, DE - January 4, 2017 - 7:28 pm

You are the best!
I miss you when you travel but enjoy ALL
your post. Please continue sharing and inspiring us.
Happy New Years

Louvina - January 4, 2017 - 7:24 pm

I always enjoy the end of the year review!! Seems like they come more quickly every year the older I get!! I am so happy I found your blog — how be it by a fluke! It was just meant to be– I was at a very low place and it helped me find my joy again!! I felt like I had always known you and both of us being teachers and loving homes and decorating– a perfect fit. You are more than a blog friend— you are an “old soul” friend!! If I had to pick out a favorite one post for the year–I don’t think I could!! You have helped me grow and find my own style and influenced my remodeling! Which is 3/4 of the way done!! Upstairs and later outside and — you know it will never be done as long as I can dream and plan!! Thank you dear Kelly! You will never know what you mean to me– you always make me smile and amaze me with your ideas and travel adventures! Here’s to 2017– to things that have never been!! 💕🙏💕

Garden, Home and Party - January 4, 2017 - 7:20 pm

Well, that was fun! I loved every image and thought I’d try to get ahead of the seasons and do some of the things you have. I’ll let you know if I succeed. I also loved the idea of unting the ribbons of each day! Happy New Year.

Carol - January 4, 2017 - 6:50 pm

Yes, years fly by and your recap of your 2016 posts brings back wonderful reading memories! Thank you for sharing your talents, family travels and organizational ideas with “us blog neighbors.” Looking forward to your productive ideas in 2017! …and what about that garden?


Patricia - January 4, 2017 - 5:57 pm

I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I always look forward to your new posts in my email inbox ! Your posts are always so well done – beautiful photos and such wonderful information. I LOVE all your travel posts, and all the posts about your beautiful home (I would never move if I were you ! )

Thank you for all the hard work in putting out these excellent posts – it is much appreciated. Happy New Year !

Marianne in Mo. - January 4, 2017 - 5:51 pm

Whew! I knew you had a very full year, but when you recapped it, I got worn out for you! Retirement seems to have increased your activity level!
Sorry you lost the lot on the lake. Maybe it wasn’t meant for you and a better spot will come along this year. You did say you would have to build smaller due to the size of the lot, and I wondered where the future grandchildren would sleep! 😉
Here’s to slowing down and enjoying a slow untying of the ribbons. We too are hoping for a bit less chaos this year.
( And I always seem to find something to pin here! )

Donna - January 4, 2017 - 5:49 pm

I love your web site. I enjoy your seasonal decorating and wonderful recipes. Thank you

Vicki - January 4, 2017 - 5:44 pm

All of this has just wet my appetite to go back and re-read some of your posts! I really enjoy ALL of your posts, but use your travel posts as reference for our road trips! So thank you for all your work for our pleasure! You are a gift, Kelly! You are like a true friend that pops into my home on my iPad from time to time and brings good tidings, fun, and joy! And lots of ideas! Lol! Enjoy 2017!!

From your Alabama friend….

Katrina - January 4, 2017 - 5:30 pm

Thank you for being my year long gift! Your posts always excite me and during many a long day have given me reasons to smile! Much appreciation blog friend!

Margaret - January 4, 2017 - 4:50 pm

You certainly had a busy year…
Thank you for sharing it with your readers.
Happy New Year!

Judy - January 4, 2017 - 4:44 pm

I loved, loved, loved, the red bins with months and contents written on them. I am buying some tomorrow, and getting to work ! I can store most in my garage. What another great idea! Thanks for a year that was full of great ideas!

Shelley @ Calypso in the Country - January 4, 2017 - 4:01 pm

Wow – what a year! You certainly were busy and you kept us all inspired with your beautiful posts. I am not surprised at your most popular posts. Your attention to detail is so impressive and you make it all look so easy. Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2017! Cheers to the new year!

Gina - January 4, 2017 - 3:32 pm

Whew, I am tired just reading your recap. 😉 Less sounds wonderful. 😉 I think the “favorite things” party was fabulous!! I must host one of those sometime. 😉 I’m going back to view your organization post again, because I need to work on my attic. I have plenty of containers…just need to purge a few things first. Thanks for the constant source of inspiration!!

Sandy - January 4, 2017 - 2:32 pm

You did have a busy year indeed. The birthday party post was a special one indeed. I always pin from here:) I have a whole page devoted the the great ideas.
Wishing you a happy new year and I love quote. I want to untie lots of ribbons.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you!  I hope that all of your holidays have been merry and bright as we have finished up 2016. It was so very nice to have our children here for Christmas, (some unexpectedly!) but two of them traveled back to their homes before New Years Day.  Our law school son is here for another week, and we are still greatly enjoying having him home.
It seems our New Years Eve partying has just rolled on into New Years Day. Why stop a good thing, right? 🙂  I wanted to share a bit of the decorating from it before you are totally uninterested in January and have Valentine’s Day on your brain.  (Can you believe Target already has Easter candy out?!)

But let me warn you about the photos today.  It has rained and rained and rained here…all night last night, all day today, and they are predicting more for all day tomorrow.  Rain means no sunlight, and that is not good for photography in this house.  My oldest son gave me a photographer’s light kit for Christmas, and I experimented with it in these shots, but I have no idea what I am doing with it!  So the colors are really off…much practice is obviously needed.  So please overlook the strangely lit photos here today.

Okay, the red from Christmas has been put away for a couple of weeks.  I am giving us all a breather from it until it is pulled out again for Valentine’s Day.  In its place is simply black and white…kind of a “clean slate” to start the new year.

Gold glitter stars and ornaments were my party decorations for the New Years celebration…

with a few clocks and calendars thrown in here and there. 🙂

We had a small party for New Years Eve, and my son and I prepped all the food in about an hour and a half.  I knew I wanted to have plenty to munch on last night and over the next couple of days, so we made a lot. The table below is New Years Eve – Take 2 (aka our lunch today. 🙂 )

We just added to the serving dishes today at lunch and partied again.

We do not drink any alcohol here, so the bottles below are of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.  I have been hoarding those individual serving size bottles…grabbing them every single time I have seen them in our local Walmart. (Sorry if you have been looking for them. 🙁 )  They are just perfect for New Years Eve celebrations.

The dollar spot area in Target was a treasure chest of things for our party.  I used pages from a $3 desk calendar for the “runner” and stood up a $1 calendar as part of the centerpiece (and another one was displayed on the foyer buffet.)  They also had the noisemakers in packs of 4 for $1 along with black and gold dotted food picks.

The table above was the food from last night and lunch today.  Tonight’s dinner table continued the theme with black and white and clocks and calendars.  The pages from another $1 calendar became this table’s “runner’…

and Target’s 2-year pocket planners (also only $1!) made great New Years Day party favors.
(And no I am not affiliated with Target. 🙂 )

That brings us to the end of the holiday posts for awhile.  I will be back with a wrap up of all the 2016 posts later this week so I hope you will pop in again for that. 🙂

Until then, I send you wishes for a happy and healthy 2017!

See you soon!

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Rosemary - January 15, 2017 - 6:47 am

So lovely to be able to reflect back over your year like this Kelly. Thanks for sharing it with us ..I’ve really enjoyed reading it.
Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. We’ve had a dusting of snow but it’s just wet now which is disappointing. Meeting up with the family later for lunch though, which will certainly brighten the day! 🙂
Oh how I wish we would get some snow this year…even a light dusting would be so nice. We did not get one single flake last winter. Fingers crossed for this year (although according to the long range forecast we will have temps in the sixties until the end of the month.) Your Sunday lunch sounds nice! Enjoy the time with your family, and thank you for stopping by Rosemary! 🙂

Carole - January 8, 2017 - 1:45 pm

Is that a full calendar, the one that looks like a chalkboard? I love that. Target, or someplace else?

Lovely setting. 🙂
Yes, Carole it IS a full year’s calendar, and I did get it in Target…either $1 or $3 right at the front in the “dollar bin” type area.

Libby Jo - January 7, 2017 - 2:22 pm

Kelly: I was saving some of my favorite emails (yours are terrific) and I really like the double pendent lights with shades (3 candles each)) that you have over your table. Where did you find it? My kitchen and eating area are visible from my more formal living room with primarily silk shades, so might be a good fit.
Hi Libby Jo! After months and months of shopping to find just the light for that space I ordered it from Lighting New York…and of course it was backordered for months when I ordered it. LOL But it did eventually get shipped to us. Here is the link:

Rosemary - January 4, 2017 - 4:25 am

Hi Kelly …I love the back and gold! Yout table setting looks so elegant. As always, you’ve come up with some great ideas. I especially love the clocks!
Having been away from home for a week I’ve decided to let Christmas continue for a few more days, mainly so I can relax and enjoy the decorations 🙂
Take care and enjoy the first week of 2017!

Pinky - January 3, 2017 - 10:12 am

I am always amazed that people, (bloggers) can get all their Christmas decorations away and decorate for New Years!!! It all looks fabulous though! We are always invited to friends for dinner and this year there was also a party at our clubhouse so we had a busy evening! Here’s to a great 2017!!!!

Cindy - January 3, 2017 - 8:56 am

Happy New Year, Kelly! I love all your decorating ideas for New Years. I am saving those ideas for next year (guess I will be volunteering to have the party at our place!)

I will be on the lookout for your daughter, Saturday, as I run/walk through the 1/2 marathon.


Garden, Home and Party - January 2, 2017 - 6:59 pm

Enjoy your family. Happy New Year. I love the black and gold.

Sharon Hennis - January 2, 2017 - 3:02 pm

Happy New Year! I really enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your home and creative ideas with us!

Louvina - January 2, 2017 - 12:36 pm

Love the clean slate start to the new year! The celebration looked so inviting! Liked the colors especially the gold ornaments in the jar!! I really have enjoyed what has turned into a 3 day NY holiday!! Welcome 2017! Praying for peace, love, health and happiness!

cindy hattersley - January 2, 2017 - 12:20 pm

You amaze me!! I am pinning these gems. Clocks and calendars how clever. You must give the best parties!!

Gina - January 2, 2017 - 12:15 pm

Well, how adorable!! Clocks and calendars…perfect! 😀 Glad you enjoyed your children being home and have an extra week with one of your sons. We got all our house undecorated, but it is setting at the bottom of the stairs for me to carry up. 😛 Happy New Year to you too Kelly!!

anita - January 2, 2017 - 10:14 am

Happy New Year Kelly! Lots of fabulous ideas once again. I love the little sparkling cider bottles. Thank you for sharing all your inspirational posts. All the best for a happy and healthy new year. (It’s really cold here in Alberta right now)! - January 2, 2017 - 9:45 am

Happy New Year, Kelly! Looks like your New Years started with more great decorating and lots of good food. As a “new retiree” I’m looking forward to having lots of time to think about decorating and home decor and your blog is always my “go to” place for great ideas! Hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you and your family. Blessings!

Lanita Anderson - January 2, 2017 - 9:28 am

I loved your fun ideas for New Year’s….especially the “Midnight Kisses” party favors and your tablescape! Thanks for sharing – I’ve pinned them for future reference. Happy New Year!

Cheri - January 2, 2017 - 8:12 am

Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see your posts in 2017, you always have such clever ideas and you are my travel go to girl. Love how you incorporated calendars and clocks in your NYE decorations…what a fantastic idea. You really have a knack for this.

Barbara H - January 2, 2017 - 7:19 am

Happy New Year Kelly! Thank you for another wonderful year of inspiration and enjoyment. Your blog is an oasis that I so look forward to. I know what a challenge it must be to keep providing content that is unique and fresh. Please know that your efforts are deeply appreciated. All good things to you and your family during the coming year.

Frances in England - January 2, 2017 - 6:28 am

Happy New Year to you and your family. I look forward to 2017 with great anticipation (no reason, just a clean slate!). Your party set up looks incredibly inviting. Maybe that should be my resolution for the new year – party more!! 🙂

Barbara S. - January 2, 2017 - 2:49 am

Happy New Year, Kelly!! Thank you for all of your creative decorating ideas in 2016! I hope that you write a decorating book someday!! You truly have a natural talent for interior design. Looking forward to what you will surprise us with in 2017!! May you have a healthy and blessed New Year!!

Tricia - January 2, 2017 - 2:21 am

Happy New Year Kelly! As always, your home looks so elegant yet festive. What a pleasure for your fortunate guests to celebrate in such an environment. Wishing you all the best in 2017.

Lisa Wight - January 2, 2017 - 12:40 am

I always look forward to your blog when you post photos of your decorated home. Your creativity amazes me and your energy even more. I don’t know how you do it with a family and working. But so glad you do as the rest of us can copy! Happy New Year and thank you!

Marianne in Mo. - January 1, 2017 - 10:51 pm

Fabulous as always! I love how you can put together a theme, and it’s always amazing! You don’t hold back, and I love it. My husband’s aunt was the same way – she always set the mood with her table decor, and made everyone feel welcome. A great entertainer in OKC! She was awesome! And so are you! Wish for you and yours all the best in this New Year!

Lynne - January 1, 2017 - 10:40 pm

It looks like a fun, festive celebration! Thank you for sharing and best wishes for a beautiful 2017!

julia walker - January 1, 2017 - 10:32 pm

Hi Kelly! Just a note to say Happy New Year, thank you and so glad your children could be home for Christmas. With love, Julia

DAWN GUIDRY MONTZ - January 1, 2017 - 10:21 pm

Kelly!!! Just when I think that you could not possibly out-do yourself, well ~ You have out-done yourself once again! Simple yet elegant. Festive and FABULOUS! The overall effect of your smart and savvy decorating skills has me thinking that maybe, just maybe I might be as successful.

Thank you for sharing, as always, and BEST WISHES to YOU and YOURS for the NEW YEAR! ❤❤❤

Angela - January 1, 2017 - 9:59 pm

Happy New Year Kelly! So sad Target didn’t make it here in Canada, just love all the little things that can be picked up in that dollar spot.

Ruth - January 1, 2017 - 9:58 pm

When I grow up (I’m a mere 56 now), I want to have fabulous, creative parties like yours. I plan to steal EVERY ONE of your wonderfully creative ideas! Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2017!

S u b s c r i b e   b y   E m a i l