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College Tours, Foster’s Market, and Potato Salad

Although we live in Georgia, I have always been smitten with colleges in North Carolina…not sure why.  When my oldest was looking for a college to attend, we drove all over North Carolina visiting colleges, hoping to persuade him to attend Wake Forest.  He wasn’t persuaded.

When my middle child was about to choose where to go to school, we drove all over North Carolina visiting colleges..hoping to persuade him to attend UNC, Duke, or Wake.  He wasn’t persuaded.

Now the baby girl is graduating.  So guess what.  We made another trip driving all over NC looking for a college for her to attend.  She really loved Wake…

Admissions Building Wake Forest University (Isn’t it beautiful?!)

but like her older brothers, she has decided to go somewhere different.  Since she is the baby, I guess I have to give up on this idea.  (Maybe grad school???)

After touring Wake and 2 other UNC schools over several days, I suggested that we should eat at Foster’s Market since we were in the area.  When I hear the name Sara FosterI think of food …updated Southern cooking, and I think of cookbooks – cookbooks that I love.

So we decided to have lunch at the Foster’s Market in Durham.  We drove through a torrential rainstorm and then arrived here….

Quite an assortment of tables out front, huh? (Remember this is a college town.)  After parking, we walked through one of the porches and into here.

It was like a wonderful old market with great looking fresh food.  I started looking around at all the neat things in there,and drooling over the yummy looking food in the display cases. (Sorry for the blurry photos…I’m not sure what I was doing with my camera. 🙂 )

We ordered an assortment of sandwiches, salads, and desserts. (Desserts are always the first thing I check out on a menu. 🙂 ) I made sure that I tried their roasted red potato salad.   It is one of our favorite recipes from the original Foster’s Market Cookbook.  This is what mine looks like at home:

Amazingly (at least I thought it was amazing) the dish I had at the restaurant tasted just like the potato salad we make at home from their cookbook.  All of our lunches were delicious – including the desserts.

We were almost finished eating when I heard a voice I recognized.  I turned around, and there was Sara Foster herself – LIVE AND IN PERSON!  Yep, she was there!!!  I could not believe it.  (She’s really short…  a lot shorter than I realized. 🙂 ) My daughter kept saying, “Mom, take her picture. Mom take her picture,”  but I did not want to look like some crazed groupie.  I was going to appear cool.  So…sorry. Don’t shoot me.  I did not take her picture, BUT I did get an autographed cookbook.

All in all a very fun afternoon!

So would you have taken Sara’s picture or not?

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phyllis - May 11, 2012 - 11:11 pm

I’m here, I’m here!!!
So sorry it took so long!
I want to add you to my sidebar but it won’t let me add any…I need to ask somebody to help.
Well…is that you in the picture up top? Or your daughter? Because you are so YOUNG to have kids in college!
I have my first heading off this fall…ohhhh meee!!! HELP.
I always dreamt I’d send my boys to summer camps in North Carolina..what is it about that place? 🙂
Phyllis, you are so funny! I have a monumentally busy weekend, but I am so glad I checked my comments this morning to get a good laugh here. 🙂 Glad you are here. I would love for you to add me to your sidebar…so get some help! The picture above “hello” is me, but the picture from the back (walking at Wake Forest) is my daughter…so not sure which one you are referring to. I’ve been told we look alike, but I think it is the hair….BUT she just died hers dark this week (boo hoo) for the role of Mulan in a musical. Hopefully she will go blonde again for the summer.
Good luck with your child heading to college. Sending the boys off was not quite as challenging as sending a girl off. Boys didn’t care about dorm stuff – mom picked it out. A girl has an opinion on EVERYTHING – down to the last detail. That when I yell HELP!
NC is gorgeous…that’s what it is about the place to me.

Katie - May 5, 2012 - 11:13 pm

I love NC…we went to a wedding recently in the Highlands and it was gorgeous! I could get used to the weather up there and the fact that they have no gnats! Where did your daughter decide to go to school? I only looked at colleges in state bc the HOPE scholarship was such a great deal (my parents were thankful 🙂 I ended up at UGA and loved every minute of it – husband went to AU, so needless to say we are a house divided in the fall! Have a great weekend! PS. I always check out the desserts first, too!
Hi Katie! Highlands IS beautiful. I used to love going there all the time, but since the Old Edwards Inn folks have bought up all of the town it has lost a little of its “small town” appeal. Was the wedding you attended out at the farm of the Old Edwards Inn? That is a gorgeous place.

the farmer's wife - May 4, 2012 - 2:45 pm

That’s so fun! My husband and I collect autographed cookbooks. It’s such a fun momento of a night out or a foodie vacation… or a trip to a college that your children refuse to attend : )

I do find your news disappointing. I have three, too, and I was sure that having three would somehow guarantee that at least one would listen to me. Alas….
Julianna, how smart to collect autographed cookbooks for a memento of a trip. I am going to have to remember that the next time we take a trip.
I hate to break the news to you, but having 3 kids only means that there is 3x the chance of them not doing what you want! (But truthfully, mine are usually a joy most of the time 🙂 )

kim porter - May 4, 2012 - 11:55 am

Ha, Ha! I think I would have tried to appear cool as well (maybe taking a pic of her hind side!) What beautiful places you went to…how I would love to travel to your side of the country! maybe someday…
Kim, I’m glad to know I am not the only one who would want to appear cool. North Carolina is a beautiful state, and the area around Wake Forest is especially gorgeous. They have daylilies by the thousands naturalized in the medians of their highways – totally made me want to come back to Georgia and plant some along the interstate. 🙂

Pretty Lampshades. Love ’em or leave ’em?

Do you have any lampshades in your home that are covered with patterned fabric – or perhaps colors that are not your typical white or cream? When I was adding some yellow accents to our back porch I came across this beauty at Target: I loved that it had the perfect shade of yellow that was needed AND a pattern that worked with the fabric patterns in the pillows being used on the sofa.  So I bought it and brought it home to try out on one of the 4 lamps on the porch….too big for the desk lamp, too contrasting in style for the rustic pottery bases, so it had to be on the floor lamp.  It was pretty there, but I guess I like things to “flow” too much.  It just didn’t work for me with the 3 white shades on the lamps there- even though I truly adored the fabric (wish it was a pillow).

And here’s the other thing.  I am a light fanatic.  You would not believe all the lamps in this house.. and wall lamps, and sconces, and pendant lights, and on and on.  I could open a light store – seriously.  And much to my husband’s dismay, they are turned on almost all the time because I LIKE LIGHT (not the overheads – just the lamps.) So when I turned on the lamp with the pretty yellow shade, it was no longer pretty and yellow and bright.  It turned a deep tan color and DARK.  Did I mention I like light? I really wanted it to work, but no.  I even went around the house trying it in every room that had a lamp it might fit.  No luck. I returned it to Target the next day.  Sadness.

And Target is not the only one with pretty lampshades.  Have you seen these?

A map shade from Pottery Barn (that might work in the boys’ room)

Wicker shades from Pottery Barn  (These really ought to work on the porch.)

These by Suzanne Kasler at Ballard Designs are also pretty – especially the ikat one.

Kelley at the Polished Pebble  uses a lot of grainsack shades on her lamps, and her house is beautiful.  I think I could live with this look if all of the lamps in the room where it was used had similar shades (and they wouldn’t have to all match.)  But you still have the issue of the darkening effect from the shade.

So for those of you who have a gorgeous lampshade, how do you make it work in your house?  Does the darkness bother you?  I would really like to be able to use one somewhere here.

All look gorgeous to me on the shelf in the store or on my computer screen (or with the lamp turned off!)

What do you think?

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Julia @ Hooked on Houses - June 7, 2012 - 9:12 am

It’s amazing how a fun new lampshade can update an old lamp or change the look of a room. I got two that are very similar to the gold and cream one from Target at the top–mine have more cream and less gold in the pattern, but I love them! 🙂

Kelley - May 2, 2012 - 12:38 pm

Hi Kelly, thank you so much for showing my little raffia lamps. Those were actually little jugs that I had made into lamps and them had the shades done in vintage fabric to match.

Your site is really fun and so well done…I will stop by often

xo kelley
Hey Kelley! I’m so happy you were able to take a break from all your projects and drop by here today. LOVE all your lamps – you are the QUEEN! Glad you liked the site, and I hope you will come back again.

kim porter - May 2, 2012 - 1:50 am

Hi Kelly! I just read your comment on my blog and I thought I’d come over and check you out! Love the lampshades! I’m so boring with mine, guess it’s time to come out of the box! I look forward to reading more of your posts!
Hey Kim! So glad you came over for a virtual visit. I’m “boring” too with all of my shades…got to figure out a way to make these pretty ones “work”. Thanks for reading, and please come back again for another visit!

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