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It’s Another School Themed Wedding


Yes, I have another wedding to share with you today.  It is so creative in its use of the school theme, I can’t decide whether I like this one better than the one in my previous post!  I hope you like it too, and more than that, I hope it sparks an idea in you that you can use in your own home.  Afterall, wedding ideas aren’t just for weddings, are they?

This precious wedding was in California.  The couple met in fourth grade, were friends through high school and college, but did not start dating until they were in their twenties.  He proposed to her in front of their old elementary school!  Wasn’t that just the sweetest thing?!  Their meeting in school was the springboard for the wedding theme.

In keeping with the school theme, they used vintage notebook paper and attendance reports in their invitation suite.  I love it! 🙂

In lieu of a table to hold the seating cards, they borrowed a teacher’s desk from a nearby school to hold apples that directed guests to their seats.  The guest’s name was on a slip of graph paper under the apple, and a sticker on the apple was printed with the table number.

The reception tables were covered with black paper where the guests’ names were written in chalk.

At each table were pop quizzes about the couple and pencils for the guests to use to complete them.  The guests dropped them in a box, and the couple actually graded them and included them in their thank you notes!  Talk about details.  Wow!

And finally, the favors for the children who attended this wonderful wedding were small paper pails filled with candies and toys.  The children’s names were written on the top with chalk.

If you want to see more of the clever ideas from this wedding, including the use of a big chalkboard for the photography backdrop, an accounting book used as the guestbook, and what they did with Polaroid cameras, be sure to click here to read all the other details.  By the way, the reception site was a place they had visited on a field trip in elementary school!

Since his proposing in front of their school was so adorable, my question is to my married readers today.

Where did your wedding proposal occur? 

Mine was while sitting on the sofa in my soon-to-be-in-law’s home, watching a very old rerun of Gidget on television. Real romantic, right?

(But after dating for 10 years, I was thrilled to be getting a proposal!)

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the farmer's wife - August 29, 2012 - 12:01 am

Oops! I should’ve read closer. Gidget! That’s awesome.
Julianna – Oh, I remember my first “car date”. He was my same age, and we are still friends today. I think your proposal was super romantic! How sweet of him to go back to that park. I LOVE it! Maybe I should write this down for my boys for future reference. And no problem about reading closer. Glad you liked Gidget!


the farmer's wife - August 29, 2012 - 12:00 am

We originally met in high school. He was a senior and I was a sophomore… 17 and 14 years old… he was my first “car date”. So nine years later when we were reacquainted, he proposed at the sight of our first date–the park where he’d taken me in 1991 to watch fire works for fourth of July.

I’d like to know your answer to this question. This is a fun one!

Garden, Home and Party - August 28, 2012 - 1:19 pm

You’re right this wedding and the details almost rivals the first post. What a sweet story and how clever all of the support pieces were.
Hubby proposed after enjoying Thanksgiving dinner cooked by my mom, I always knew the way to man’s heart was through his stomach, but I was a little nervous that my cooking would keep him! 🙂
As we’re heading into a BIG anniversary in February I guess it was acceptable.
Karen – That is so cute about being proposed to after Thanksgiving dinner! I guess he didn’t want it to be a Christmas gift. Yep, cooking doesn’t hurt in keeping the guys around! How big is your BIG anniversary? 25?

Wanda - August 28, 2012 - 10:15 am

I love weddings and I loved planning my older 2 daughters weddings. The fun is in the details! Of course you can see that one of those daughters is ALL about details as I have been sending you the nursery pics! Once it is all complete, I will see you the Last pic! You have been so patient.
Wanda – Your nursery pictures have been wonderful, and how creative to use the wedding dress as a springboard for the bumper and dustruffle. You should be very knowledgeable about weddings considering how many you have done in the last couple of years!

Lindsay - August 28, 2012 - 8:47 am

So cute! I love this. Thanks for sharing Kelly!
Lindsay – I’m glad you liked it. Was your wedding a traditional one, or did you have one of these creative kind? You could have done this school one!!

phyllis - August 27, 2012 - 11:39 pm

How cute and fun! I’m so glad weddings aren’t the stodgy kind they used to be.
I LOVE the old Gidget so much and that would have tickled me!
Ours…haha…kind of mall-ish…OKAY he never asked me yet!!!
Phyllis – He never asked you? Like he just put the ring on your finger? Man! How presumptuous of him! ha ha.
I like the fact that weddings are so creative today, but I do wonder if this is a cycle and we will be going back to all traditional in a few years (like when my daughter might actually be considering a real wedding.)

Lisa - August 27, 2012 - 11:23 pm

I would never have even thought to search for a school themed wedding. I’m not a teacher, but what a fantastic idea for the wedding of a teacher! I love the photo of the bride & groom sitting at those adorable little desks. Thanks for continuing the school themed posts… What a treat!
Lisa – It is AMAZING all the creative wedding ideas that are out there now. Wasn’t that just the cutest photo of them sitting in those desks? Goodness! I’m so glad you are enjoying the school themed posts.

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