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I Will Take Any Room by Craig Kettles – part 1



I know I’ve told you all this before, but I’m saying it again because the symptoms are back.  My taste in home styles and my desire to change it comes & goes with the seasons – sort of like seasonal allergies. 🙂

In March I want bright yellow with white walls and lots of flowers for a springlike feel.

Then in June I want to change everything to blue and white –

with some red thrown in for the 4th of July.

Well, here we are at the beginning of September,

and guess what I am wanting to do to all the rooms around here?? 

You guessed it…bring in that warm fall, cabin feel with rustic accessories and reds, browns, golds, and greens.  But y’all, it’s supposed to be 90 – yes, 90 degrees here this week (and with 90% humidity – yuck.)  So bringing out the blankets and fall accessories isn’t going to be happening anytime soon here. What can I do then?  (No, we are not selling the house and moving to another state.)  I’ll just have to settle for looking at beautiful rustic styled rooms in books, magazines, and on the internet until we get rid of the summer heat.

And in my eyes there is no one who does these sort of rooms better than North Georgia’s Craig Kettles.  He knows how to mix rustic plank walls and accessories with industrial elements and a dose of whimsy for fun.  Afterall, many of the homes he works on are lake houses used for vacation.  Heck, he even lives in one on Lake Rabun himself!  If I were building a second home, I would turn him loose to do anything he wanted with it.  That is how much I love his work (especially at this time of the year with my sudden urge for a lake house…sigh.)

All of the rooms in today’s post were done by him.  The bunk room and the living room above, as well as the next four, are from a home on Lake Burton that was featured several years ago in Country Living magazine. Those dining room chairs? For the longest time I wanted them…but the price just kept going higher and higher and higher.  I finally decided to settle on a different style here (especially when you want 12!), but you don’t know how long I coveted those babies.

And this kitchen…planks on the walls, great khaki color, industrial lights…those windows…man!

And how clever is the handrail for this staircase?  Perfect for a lake house.

Everything about this porch is gorgeous to me…the view, the architectural style, the furniture, the colors. (But you would need some kind of insect repellent if you are a mosquito magnet like me.)

Now let’s look at another house on Lake Burton that Mr. Kettles did.  This one was featured in Southern Living magazine.  See what you think of it.

It even has an outdoor kitchen!  Can you imagine how fun that would be there by the lake?

Here is the real kitchen for

I think this outdoor shower is super

Here is the living room from this lake house…..

with its cozy little under-the-stairs reading/sleeping

I have one more Craig Kettles’ home for us to look at today.   This one is not as rustic as the other two to me, but it does have quite a bit of whimsy going on in it – which is fun.  Let’s start in the kitchen.

I love the styling in the little corner by the stove below.

We all need to use chalkboard paint on our pantry door like the one here.

Now we are leaving the kitchen.  How do you like the sliding barn doors here?

I adore the pops of that bright green here in the bathroom (and that one red flower!)

And look!  Here are our schoolhouse chairs in the dining room and…

little globes in the living room!

I have two more of his houses to show you in the next post, and they are my very favorite ones!

So how do you like Mr. Kettles’ rooms? 

Would you give him free reign to do your lake house?

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Garden, Home and Party - September 5, 2012 - 12:49 pm

I would. His style is perfectly suited to a lake house…what a beautiful lake. Mosquitoes? That would be a bummer, they seem to know when I am outdoors!
I love the lighting he selects and the extensive use of wood walls and ceilings. Can’t wait to see your favorites of Mr. Kettles.
Karen – He does do other houses too, but most of what I have seen are ones he has done in homes by the lakes there in north Georgia…I was amazed to see he had done a beach house awhile back, and it was beautiful. I guess his style translates well to many vacation homes.


the farmer's wife - September 5, 2012 - 12:36 pm

This is the first designer I’ve seen that I truly thought, “I wouldn’t change a thing!” Our house is definitely a “fall house” at its core. I still add some touches though : )
Julianna – I’m glad you liked his rooms! Our house is a fall house too (at least right now it is.) Isn’t it funny how we can say our houses have a “season,” but it is so true!

JoAnne - September 5, 2012 - 7:32 am

I would definitely give him free reign, especially if I had a lake house!! The colors and decor of these rooms are great for Fall. I’m in the mood for the warmer colors right now too. I do love that bright green with the white cabinets in the bathroom.
JoAnne – I think we have matching tastes! Aren’t his rooms great? I hope you come back later in the week for my favorite homes of his. I think you will like them too.

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