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Eye-candy Entryways

A couple of days ago I shared photos of my entryway.  Now I want to share some inspirational pictures of other entries with you.  With the massive use of Pinterest, finding new eye candy that everyone hasn’t seen a zillion times can be difficult.  You have probably seen most of these (and probably pinned many of them!) but that will just reaffirm that we have great taste!  Hope you enjoy.I adore the work of Melanie Davis.  This was a feature post on the Red Clay Soul blog.  I am sure it is the plank walls, the beautiful wood floors, the transferware, the trim on the baseboards, oh and the light from the window and door that appeal to me.  Enough said (but I am not a big fan of antlers…sorry.) Another one from Melanie Davis.   The simplicity of the space, the plank walls (again), and the transom steal my heart.  This whole house featured in Garden and Gun would make me very happy to live in. This one of Jamie McPherson’s entryway from a Southern Living piece is a little more formal  and a little warmer.  That door and transom combination is gorgeous.

I like this entryway by Nancy Warren for an article in Atlanta Homes Magazine  because of the mix of items in the display on the wall – especially the bird prints.  Click on the link, and you should take a look at the entire house.  It’s pretty neat.

This home in Cashiers, NC is rustic and beautifully done by Phoebe Howard.  A staircase with windows is something I have always wanted (but sadly, never had.)

If you have an enormous entry space, let Amelia Handegan decorate it for you like she did for this house in Charleston, South Carolina (featured in Southern Accents.)  The collection of old pieces she chose for this hallway is wonderful.

Getting back to reality now…let’s look at some that are a little more casual (and more livable for me.)  Wouldn’t you like to have that green bench from this entryway done by Urban Grace and featured in Southern Living? (Oh, and I am just now noticing there are more planks on the walls here too….goodness.)

Linda Banks does “New England nautical” so wonderfully.  This little entry looks very inviting and makes me want to go back to Maine.

This foyer was my all time favorite one when I was decorating our home with nautical accents.  It is from one of the early Coastal Living Idea Houses..this one in Habersham, S.C.  I just loved seeing those windows on the stair landing as you came in the door.  It is available as a Southern Living house plan if you care to build it!

And last, but not least, I must include my favorite that has been on soooooo many Pinterest boards and  a million blogs…Sarah Richardson’s country house “come in the door” space.  Like everyone else, I covet those red doors.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these entryways today.  Do you have a favorite among them, or do you have a favorite elsewhere that you could share with me?

I would love to take a peek!

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phyllis - May 12, 2012 - 10:54 pm

I love the enormous one and also that one with red closet doors, hats and that old chest in between.
I gotta quit dreaming though…not ever moving or building again!
What us dreamers could do though is stay in places like this, I guess when traveling some day all rich and stuff 😉
Aren’t those red doors wonderful, Phyllis? I am so tempted to do that since I loooooove red so much. (I did go crazy and paint the ones in our playroom green.) Paint is cheap…you can do that without moving or breaking the bank. Go for it!

sixteen fourteen - April 22, 2012 - 7:34 am

LOVE these images! I just posted yesterday on the exact same topic (but you obviously did a much better job!) That green bench is to die for…I think I just reconsidered my plan. 🙂
Aimee your post is great! I loved the picture from the lettered cottage. Isn’t that green bench wonderful?? It would look beautiful in your entryway too – especially with a photo gallery above it.

tessa - April 21, 2012 - 5:12 pm

love them all. though, i too am not a big antler lover. i thought it was b/c i wasn’t southern but now i know that has nothing to do with it! 🙂 i love the warmth of the sara r. entrance. every year when spring rolls around and the temps start to warm up I start to wonder if my home and all it warm hues are better suited for fall + winter. i suppose they probably are, but i’m just not a cool color girl. I love green and blue but I need a lot of berry, wheat and brown mixed in. seeing those red closet doors just reaffirms how much i love those colors. all year round. have a great weekend, kelly!
xo, tessa
Sarah Richardson is the one designer out there I would turn to to decorate a house, Tessa. And that redecorate-with-lighter-colors usually hits me too in February and March. Many years ago, I would give in to that desire (and paint and make new curtains, etc.) Then around June and July (when all the 4th of July stuff hit the stores), I would want all the red back again. Thankfully I have learned to ignore that impulse and just put some yellow in a few places in accents to brighten things up after winter (a much easier and less expensive option!) The only way I can see me doing the blue and green thing is if I had a beach house. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen any time soon!

Pam Wilson - April 20, 2012 - 10:25 pm

These are beautiful. I must admit though, the antlers are super cool. (As long as they are small like that.) I love the natural elements like the enormous turtle shell, too. You’ve given me some great ideas. My entryway has great potential…I just haven’t done much with it. I feel a summer project coming!
Glad I could get you inspired on a summer project, Pam! You are much better with the “natural elements” than I am, and you are soooo creative I know your beautiful entryway will turn out great.

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