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Elements of Schoolhouse Style – Schoolhouse Pendant Lights



Okay, I am going to have to do a schoolhouse week. There is just too much good stuff out there to ignore it. I promise I am not going to write about chalkboards again.  I just had one last photo I wanted to share.  Is that okay with you? (Well actually, two if you count the one below.)  The one above was just too good not to show you.  I am going to write about another schoolhouse-related element today though…schoolhouse pendant lights (and other elements later in the week.)

As I was looking at all the school and chalkboard photographs last week I kept noticing these gorgeous lights everywhere, and I thought you would like to see some of the rooms that have them. I love these babies, and there is not a single one of them anywhere in our house.  I have about 7 places that I could really use them (and none of the places are in the kitchen!)

So let’s take a look at a few of them.  Don’t they add just the perfect touch over this marble topped island?  (And that bench is great too.)

But they don’t have to go in the kitchen.  Look how great they look out on this ginormous porch.  That is one huge table, isn’t it?! And I am in love with those transom windows, too.

crisp architects via

Now let’s go back inside to another kitchen.  These schoolhouse lights aren’t hanging down very far, but they still add a nice touch to this room.  I would love to have a ladder like that for my greatroom bookshelves.

The brass ones here would be perfect for our house since we have so many other brass light fixtures.  The upper cabinets in this butler’s pantry have me baffled…are they lit?  The lighting on them looks almost as if they were windows with sunlight shining in.  Any ideas?

opal design group via

This next one is one of my favorite kitchens.  Those lights suspended from the beadboard ceiling are just wonderful.  And you can see through to another room with planked walls…perfection.

Here is another one with the schoolhouse pendants over the kitchen island.  I’m wondering why in the world I didn’t do this in our kitchen.

Now this one doesn’t have them over the island, but don’t you like the combination of all the different light styles here?  Even though they are all different, they go together very well – probably because they have the same metal in common.

kitchenlab chicago via

I adore these cabinets that fit flush into their frames in this next kitchen.  The schoolhouse lights here are over the sink and over the island again…seems to be the thing to do, wouldn’t you say?

I did save my very favorite for you for last.  The schoolhouse lights here are simply the perfect touch to me for this kitchen with yellow cabinets. I like the painted wood ceiling and that gorgeous plate rack too.  And look at how that cabinet at the end extends out further than the corner.  Oops…we’re supposed to be talking about lights…sorry…got carried away there for a second.

So are you as hooked on schoolhouse pendant lights as I am?

Do you have any of them in your home?

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Kitchen Pendant Lighting - May 29, 2013 - 9:55 pm

How nice to see those artistically designed house. The pendant lights are an accent. A piece of beauty.

Michelle @ A Haus to Call Home - November 10, 2012 - 12:34 am

Hi Kelly,

Great post…love all the photos! I have the pendants in the last, yellow kitchen over my island. I love the look but unfortunately they don’t put off enough light on their own. The electrician suggested adding can lights to supplement, but I added a lamp on the counter instead…at least for now. My favorite kitchen is the cream one with the cantaloupe and doughnuts on the counter…take care!

aimee {sixteen fourteen} - August 21, 2012 - 7:12 am

I love schoolhouse pendants! We have some flush-mounted lights in our downstairs hallway, but none of the hanging kind. I am DYING over that porch too! Just gorgeous.
Aimee – I like the flush mounted ones too…very classic. That porch IS amazing. Just think how many people you could seat for a party out there!


Jaye @ Just Tryin' to Make Cents of it All - August 20, 2012 - 12:16 pm

I love how school house pendants look, however the verdict is still out as to whether I love them in my house. They’d go great in your house from what I’ve seen of it. Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage seems to find them everywhere!
Hi Jaye. I do like them too, but you are right. They don’t necessarily look good in every room. I think they would work well in our “cottage-y” looking house here. Thanks for telling me about Eclectically Vintage. Hard to believe she has been blogging for less than a year! Wow!

Barbara (WA) - August 20, 2012 - 12:06 pm

Yes, I am very obsessed with schoolhouse lights and intend to replace our 1980’s Victorian shiny brass fixtures with that style. I don’t have room for any in my tiny kitchen but will put them in other spaces in the house. I am trying to figure out a chandelier/pendant for over the dining table that would compliment the style. Haven’t spotted the right one, yet!
Barbara, I know there are some double and triple schoolhouse pendant lights that are larger in size to go over dining tables. One alone would probably be too small in scale. Take a look at this one: Barnlightelectric has some really neat lights.

Cathy Norrie - August 20, 2012 - 11:12 am

Hi Kelly,

Just got back from a lovely two week holiday at our island cottage (including some very relaxing -read ‘no wind’- sailing days) and am catching up on things including your postings.

I adore the yellow kitchen above and particularly the open shelving with the plate holders… I’m definitely pinning that for my “Kitchen Ideas” folder. We just bought a 1939 house (as a retirement home) that has been renovated and I love everything except the kitchen. We are leasing it for the next five years while we finish our sailing voyage and then will be able to move in and do with it as we wish. By then I should have it totally designed and I will be chomping on the bit to get at it!

Oh and since we are focussing on lighting today – I do love the school house lights – we don’t have any in our current home but that idea will be tucked away for future consideration for sure!

Great to be back and seeing all your latest postings…

Take care
Cath, I have been missing you!! I figured you must have been off on another wonderful trip. I have said it before that I am so jealous you get to redo an older home. Happy I could give you some inspiration for your future redecorating.

Garden, Home and Party - August 20, 2012 - 9:41 am

My computer crashed so I’m reading this on my iPad…so maybe that’s the reason I didn’t see the image of your favorite room with the yellow cabinets. My new computer arrives today, I’ll revisit later. I loved the schoolhouse pendants AND the great kitchen with white cabinets and a slightly taupe colored island.
Karen – I hope the missing picture was due to the ipad…it showed up on all of our normal computers around here. Man, I would hate if my computer crashed. I still haven’t done anything to back up my photos. Hope your new computer arrived safe and sound (and that it is an easy one to get accustomed to.) So glad you liked the pendant lights!

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