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Elements of Schoolhouse Style – Maps and Globes


Several of you commented the other day that you thought schoolhouse style was here to stay because it is fun.  I agree! And I have decided that I like a touch of schoolhouse in my home because it adds just a little bit of childhood to the room. Today I want to share some rooms with you that have added that dose of whimsy by using maps or globes (or both, as is the case in some.) Since I am such a lover of gingham let’s just start with this pretty room.  That framed schoolhouse map is quite a statement against the patterned walls, and aren’t the colors in the map just perfect with that fabric?

Here is another room with a school map – this time unframed and left in its pull-down style.  It has a television hidden behind it.  What a great way to hide that thing!

Or maybe we should use our map as a shade like they did in this cute little nook with the cozy windowseat.

One of my favorite designers, Steven Gambrel, did this next room totally covered in maps.  What do you think of it?

I like the collection of globes with the large map in this family room.  This pairing of the geography pieces seems to be a common decorative trend from what I have seen in all my “research.” 🙂

See?  Here is another room – this time from Coastal Living – with the map and globes together again.  I think the child adds just the right touch to the room. 🙂 (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.)

Alright, now let’s see some spaces that have globes minus the maps.  This green room is a bit too formal for my family, but I do like the way they grouped the globes on that little table between the chairs.

Here is another grouping of them on a low table – this time under an unusual collection of animal art.  I love that transparent globe on the mantel!

Sometimes, you don’t have to have a whole collection…especially when you have one beautiful one to display like in this living room and hallway.

This next room from House Beautiful has one humongous globe.   Now that would be a star attraction in the room (assuming you have space for such a thing.)  I would love to have it in our study.  Where would you put one this size?

As I was looking for photos of rooms with globes, I came across two kitchens that had them in them.  I was very surprised because I would have never thought to use globes in there.  This was the first one I found, and I think they look great atop the cabinets! (And look – they have gorgeous schoolhouse pendant lights too!!!)

When I found the photo above, I read the blog post from which it came.  I learned that this blogger was inspired by another blogger who had globes in her kitchen; so being the great detective that I am, I had to go check out that kitchen too. And y’all, I fell in love!  If you haven’t seen Meg Duerksen’s house, you need to.  It is so “not me,” but it has to be the best collection of happy spaces that I have ever seen!  Seriously. Now this photo does not do her kitchen justice, but it was the only one that really showed the globes in there.

Weren’t those globes great in that kitchen?  I hope you have found something to give you a little inspiration for your week (or to add to your yard sale & antique shop treasure hunting this weekend.) 🙂 To wind up our schoolhouse post today, here is your discussion question:

Do you have maps and globes in your home?

I am also giving you a reading assignment for your homework.  Read here, and you will see all the wonderful pictures of Meg’s kitchen redo. Not only does she have globes in there, but she also has a ginormous chalkboard too.


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aimee {sixteen fourteen} - August 24, 2012 - 4:44 pm

I love all the maps and globes…and thank you so much for introducing me to Meg’s house. It is to DIE for! Effortless chic at its finest.
Aimee – Isn’t Meg’s house the coolest thing?? I just love all the color and pattern – something I am not quite brave enough to do here. Maybe she will give me courage. 🙂


Garden, Home and Party - August 24, 2012 - 11:28 am

These are great rooms and I agree with your reader that school style can be fun while still supporting a sophisticated vibe, like in the later House Beautiful room. I love vintage globes.
Have a great weekend.
Karen – So glad you liked the globes and all! Who would have ever dreamed they would have made it into House Beautiful rooms?! Hope you had a good weekend.

minnie - August 24, 2012 - 11:12 am

Well all these pictures have made me start looking on ebay for globes. I don’t do much shopping on ebay but I haven’t seen many globes in years at yardsales. I guess all these people have snapped them up. But I really do like them and think decorating with them would be interesting. Also like the pull down maps. Thanks for all your hard work.
Minnie- Good luck with finding them in yard sales. I’ve heard that you can usually find them at Goodwill – but that would depend on where you are. I would like a pull down map for my sons’ room, but those won’t be in yard sales. I think my best bet on them is etsy.

melissa @ the inspired room - August 24, 2012 - 12:30 am

I have quite a few maps and globes too! I have a map wall that is finally finished but I haven’t even shared yet. I love using maps of places I’ve been especially.

And I have known Meg from Whatever in blogland for what seems like forever, I like to think I discovered her HA!. I love that her house is always full of eye-candy, not only her lovely decor and home but her kids and family are fun to keep up with too!!

Have a great night,
Melissa – Oh, I remember seeing a peek at your map wall a while back – think I might have even asked about it. Darn, if you had shown it to the world, I could have included it here! Meg’s house and all is amazing. I love it! All of it reminds me of Edie from – another great blogger.

designchic - August 24, 2012 - 12:03 am

Love this look and the first three House Beautiful images are favorites of mine…gorgeous!!
Beth or Kristy (I never know which one of you are writing :)) – thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I love those House Beautiful shots too!

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