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Tybee Island..Some House Gawking, Sightseeing, Eating, and Shopping

When we are in a new place one of my favorite things to do is to ride around and just enjoy looking at all the houses in the area.  (I bet you do that too; don’t you?)  Although we were staying in the perfectly amazing Ebbtide Cottage on Tybee Island, there were still many homes to see […]

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The Other Southern Living Idea House in Senoia

source So where were we? Oh yes…I remember now.  We were at the Southern Living Idea Farmhouse in Senoia, looking out across the pond that is bordered with landscaping. I told you we would talk about the house over on the other side of the pond…this house: It’s the one on the far right, the […]

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A Saturday in Atlanta: The General Muir, Lenox Square, and Sobban

I had two more posts on my to-do list/calendar to write last week, but man was last week cuh-razy!  The March madness has begun with everyone trying to get in parent conferences at school, our state writing test being taken, our principal announcing that she is retiring, one of our sons having some oral surgery, […]

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