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A School Inspired Wedding


Over the weekend I said I was “wrapping up my schoolhouse posts.”  Well… I need to confess that wasn’t exactly true.  Yes, I’m not going to be talking about schoolhouses this week, but I am still looking at school themes a little longer.

You see, I LOVE weddings.  This week I want to share with you a few of the extra creative ones I have seen.   A year or so ago, I ran across this gorgeous school inspired wedding on the Amorology site, and I was totally smitten.  But don’t go looking for it there; it’s not in their index anymore. (But there are a dozen other dreamy weddings to see there if you’d like to take a look.) I want you to see this one because weddings can often inspire ideas for entertaining – plus this one is just so darn cute!  See what you think.

With the help of Heather from Amorology, the bride and groom planned this beautiful event in only six weeks.  The bride is a kindergarten teacher, so the school theme was an easy one to use.  They used art work around the ceremony site that was made by her students. (Wasn’t that the sweetest idea?!)

All the flowers were done by Twigg Botanicals (including the large initials of massed carnations in the tree below.)  The wonderful photography was by Sara France Photography.

For the reception they packed sandwiches, fresh fruit, corn on the cob, and small canning jars of pasta salad in personalized lunch boxes.  Don’t these look amazing? And this is an idea I would love to copy for other types of events.

Here they are out on the tables for the

The dance floor at the reception was set up by a treehouse.  The dj was actually working up in that treehouse!

For dessert at the reception, there was strawberry shortcake along with homemade cupcakes and

And of course, there was a beautiful and delicious wedding cake.  I love the simplicity of that cake design.

There are so many things about this wedding that make me love it…the theme, the colors (can’t resist all that red and yellow!), the daisies, the ribbon (that white stitched ribbon is my go-to choice every time), the touches of gingham in the jar labels, the boxed lunches, the homemade desserts…oh, and that gorgeous cake simply adorned with red.  Yes, I love this wedding!

So are there any wedding ideas you have stolen copied, either for a wedding or to use for other events?

We’d love to hear about them!

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the farmer's wife - August 27, 2012 - 3:01 pm

so cute! wish i’d thought of that for myself so many years ago!
Julianna – I wish I had thought of it too over two decades ago. Back then though, no one did these creative ceremonies…seems like the only choices we had were traditional church wedding or the justice of the peace. Soooo many more choices today – and my daughter, being the Disney-aholic that she is says, she wants a wedding at Disney World! (Heaven help us!)


Cathy Norrie - August 27, 2012 - 11:01 am

Hi Kelly,
Love this idea… so sweet for a kindergarten teacher! I love the kid art and using a school bus (oh does that ever bring back memories- and not comfortable ones!).
As far as using wedding ideas for my own wedding or other entertainment I have to say I have not done that. I planned my second wedding in 3 weeks (including dress, flowers, cake and reception dinner for 10…). When I was searching in a wedding dress shop for my dress at the beginning of June 2009 and our wedding was set for June 20th, 2009 another bride and her bridesmaids were there in an absolute panic about their short time limit to find dresses etc as she was getting married on June 30th… I was very sympathetic until I later found out that she was getting married on June 30th, 2010!!!). Our wedding was held in the back garden of our wedding officiant’s cottage set in the Rocky Mountains (I always say that the soaring evergreens that surrounded us with rays of sunshine created the most magnificent cathedral I have ever seen).
Thanks for the interesting post, Kelly!
Cath – 3 weeks! Oh my goodness, and I thought my 8 weeks was bad! That’s funny about the other bridal party. Soaring evergreens in the Rocky Mountains sounds like an absolutely romantic wedding site – much more so than our local Baptist church where we were married.
Thank YOU for your always interesting comments!

minnie - August 27, 2012 - 7:38 am

Next time I get married I think I’ll use some of these ideas. 🙂
Minnie – You just go ahead and start your file folder for that next wedding!

Garden, Home and Party - August 26, 2012 - 11:14 pm

What a great idea…so sweet and simple. I will definitely keep this post in the files for so many great ideas.
Karen – I thought it was super sweet too. Glad it could give you some ideas for the future!

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